User management and permissions

Posted by Caroline Bagby | February 8, 2018 | How-to

To watch the instructional video on Pazien user management, scroll to the bottom of the page. 

User management allows account admins to specify which parts of Pazien team members can access. Permissions span from sections of Pazien to provider data to business units. This feature allows you to share chargeback data with the fraud team, Worldpay data with your support manager there, or United Kingdom payment data with your team based in the UK.

To start editing permissions, head to your profile dropdown in the upper right corner and click User management.

Click on any user to start editing their permissions.

User management

In Permissions select Add all permissions to this user to automatically grant access to every section of Pazien, or add one-off permissions to the user.

In Providers choose the providers for which the user can view data. Some merchants use this section if they’d like their provider account representative to have access to that specific data.

In Business units you can control which aspects of the business a user can view. If you haven’t defined business units and would like to, reach out to your Pazien liaison to do so. Business units are based on groupings of merchant ids (MIDs) and can be categorized however you’d like (e.g. regions, brands within the bigger business, individual sites etc).

Account admins also have the ability to create user groups with defined permissions. Once the group is set up, you can apply a named group to any user to automatically apply the defined permissions.

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