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Posted by Caroline Bagby | August 23, 2018 | How-to

Updated March 7, 2019 to reflect the ability to share saved reports.

Pazien’s automated analytics empower you to interact with your payments data, and now you can customize packaged payments reports. Allowing you to save payments reports ensures you can always revisit important data and archive milestones. Saved reports are user-specific, so any reports you create will not impact the view of other users in your business.*

Payments reports can be created from any analytics page on Pazien. The report will store filters you apply to your data, as well as any pivot tables or change over time views on individual performance cards.

*After you save a payments report, you can share it with colleagues by opening the saved report, copying the address bar URL, and sending the link to people in your business who have Pazien access. Once they click the link, they can also save the payments report. 

For the following example, imagine you want to create an authorization payments report to track credit performance across different countries and payment methods.


  1. Navigate to the Authorizations section of Pazien.
  2. Click into the filter bar and type credit and add the credit card products as filters.
  1. From the performance card tabs, select the issuing bank countries performance card and create a pivot table that tracks how different payment methods perform in issuing bank countries.
  1. Navigate to the Payment methods performance card and create a weekly change over time view.


Now that you’ve captured the data you want to save, you can create a payments report.

  1. Click Save as, next to the date picker.
  1. Title your report and select the set date range. We suggest being descriptive as it will help you easily identify and differentiate payments reports as you create more and more.
  • [Date] to [date] – This bundles your data and creates a payments report that is a snapshot in time. Users typically select this date range for archival purposes.
  • The last rolling 30 days – When you open this report, it will apply the same filters and pivots to the previous 30 days.
  • The current month – When you open this report, it will apply the same filters and pivots to the current month, regardless of where you are in the month. E.g. If you open it on November 9, it will show data for November 1 – November 9.
  • The last month – When you open this report, it will apply the same filters and pivots to the previous month. E.g. If you open it in November, it will show data for October.
  • From [date] rolling to the current day – When creating this report, the first date selected in your date picker will mark the beginning of the report. When you open this report at a later date, it will apply the same filters and pivots from that first date, to the current date. E.g. If you set the report to start January 1, and open on November 1, it will apply the same filers and pivots to the date range of January 1 – November 1.
  1. Click Save report.


  1. Go to the Reports section of Pazien in the left navigation.
  2. Select which report you’d like to view from the list.
  1. Once you select the report, you’ll be directed to that particular page with any saved filters and pivots applied.
  2. Navigate to other saved reports by clicking the payments report folder icon next to the report or close out of the report by clicking the X.

Payments reports are user specific, so anything you add, change, or delete will only impact your view. If you’d like to share a payments report with a colleague who also uses Pazien, simply copy the page URL in the address bar and send it to your colleague. All filters and pivots will show up and your colleague can save the report for themselves if needed.

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