Provider path payments journey

Posted by Caroline Bagby | October 23, 2018 | How-to

Pazien shows the payments journey with a new provider path performance card and pivot table. The provider pivots are defined below, but first, here’s why we did this.

Pazien sales analytics list your payments providers, along with the total transaction counts and amounts processed by each provider. However, the provider performance card may not represent total unique transactions sent from your business.

In many merchant setups, transactions are passed from one provider to another (e.g. gateway/processor to acquirer), representing a payments journey. If you use multiple providers, transactions are counted each time the transaction passes a provider – in some cases, touching three providers for one transaction.  


For this example, imagine Pazien is connected to Cybersource, Chase, American Express, and PayPal.

Provider path payments journey

In the above, Pazien counts each transaction as it passes a provider along the payments journey.

Cybersource Chase (gateway) American Express Chase (acquirer) PayPal Total
150 50 50 100 75 425

When in actuality, settled transactions by the acquirers reflect the total unique transactions sent by your business.

American Express Chase (acquirer) PayPal Total
50 100 75 225


The new provider path option gives context when analyzing your data by showing you the payments journey transactions take.

Pivot Description Examples When to use
Provider Each provider that the transaction passes (e.g. gateway and acquirer). A single transaction may be touched by more than one provider in its lifecycle. CyberSource (150)
Chase (150)
American Express (50)
PayPal (75)
Total = 425
– To monitor each provider’s individual performance.
Provider path
An outline of each provider  a transaction passed throughout its journey, from authorization to settlement. CyberSource > Chase (100)
CyberSource > Chase > American Express (50)
PayPal (75)
Total = 225
– To monitor routing performance and understand volumes processed by each provider.
– To filter transactions that have passed from a gateway to an acquirer.


  1. Go to the Sales and refunds analytics page in Pazien.
  2. Scroll down the page and click on the performance card Provider paths.
    • Note: If there is no Provider paths performance card, we do not receive details on your payments journey.
  3. View details on your payments journey, denoted by arrow (>) icons.

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