Pivot tables and change over time

Posted by Caroline Bagby | February 1, 2018 | How-to


Pivot tables are often used in Excel to compare and analyze the exact data fields that are important to your payments performance. To further help you work in one place, we added pivot tables to Pazien.

Pivot tables can be used to quickly manipulate your data to easily understand where you’re doing well and where you can improve.


  1. Select any performance card from a page in the Analytics section.
  2. Click the pivot table gear icon in the first column header to open your options.
  1. Drag and drop your desired pivots into relevant buckets.
    • Tip: Anything from the rows, columns and filters list can go into the rows, columns or filters buckets. Anything from the values list can go into the values bucket.
  1. Click apply. Your data will populate a pivot table according to your specifications.
  1. Scroll vertically and horizontally to view all of your data.


Pazien also allows you to view how your payments performance changes over time. Change over time helps uncover exact dates during which a fluctuation occurred, and enables you to understand trends in your performance.

  1. Select any performance card from a page in the Analytics section.
  2. Click the triangle icon in the upper right corner of the performance card.
  1. Open the options tab to select what you’d like to track and the time period.
    • The default time period is monthly, but you can change that to weekly or daily.

Pazien users have applied pivot tables and change over time to pinpoint and amend things like:

  • Particular regions causing spikes in declines, and when the issue occurred
  • Specific banks that were constantly issuing chargebacks
  • Areas where the customer needed to apply risk tools
  • Countries where payment methods performed poorly
  • + much more

Once you’ve created pivot tables and change over time on performance cards, you can package them in a saved report so you can come back to those views whenever you log in to Pazien.

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