Date comparisons for payments trend analysis

Posted by Caroline Bagby | February 25, 2019 | How-to

Pazien allows you to compare your payments performance across multiple date ranges within the analytics sections. You can choose date comparisons for things like approval rates and declines, sales and refund volumes, chargeback rates, and fees paid.

When you choose up to three date ranges to compare, you can drill into your data further and apply filters, or save payments reports to return to data whenever you’d like.

Set up date comparisons

1. Open the date picker in the top right corner of Pazien and choose your base date range.

2. Select Add a comparison.

3. Choose the date range you’d like to compare to. You can either select a customized date range, or pick from preset options.*

4. Add a third date comparison, if you’d like, and select Apply.

Compare dates

When you apply date comparisons, the trend graph and performance cards change to reflect your base date range and your comparison dates.

On the trend graph, and on each performance card there’s a legend outlining the compared dates, along with a color association for each.

You can click on any performance card to see tables of the date comparisons drill further into your data.

Performance cards with date comparisons still allow you to create pivot tables to explore granular changes to data.

Try date comparisons today to understand how your sales volumes have changed since last month, how your approval rate is fluctuating week-by-week, or to make informed predictions on where performance is going in the future.

Being aware of trends in payments can help you make decisions on how to optimize performance and increase revenue. Once you have a handle on your trends, create payments alerts to stay on top of your key performance indicators.

*You can only compare data that has been loaded in Pazien. For example, if you have been a customer for 6 months, you can compare data over that 6 month time period. Date comparisons are only available in Pro or Enterprise packages of Pazien.

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