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Posted by Caroline Bagby | October 23, 2018 | How-to

Pazien has rolled out a new filtering function, which allows you to compare payments performance in updated views. This feature enables you to understand things like which payment methods are most successful in different regions, which banks are issuing the majority of your chargebacks, and which MIDs are generating the most sales for you.


You can compare payments performance in any analytics section of Pazien.

For this example, imagine you want to compare payments performance of your approval rate by issuing bank countries, for Visa and Mastercard only.

  1. Go to the Authorizations page in the analytics section.
  2. Scroll down the page and click on the performance card Approval rate by issuing bank country.
  1. In the left column of the performance card, select up to four boxes of issuing bank countries.
  2. Click Compare selected in the top left corner of the performance card. 
    • Compare selected prompts a pop-up where you can add more filters and name the comparison groups.
  1. Type Visa in the first filter bar and add it as a filter, then type Mastercard in the first filter bar and add it as a filter. Repeat this in the other three comparison groups.
    • Tip: You can add any filters you’d like to each comparison group. Filters do not need to match across comparison groups in order to effectively compare payments performance.
  1. Name the comparison groups something that’s recognizable (e.g. UK Visa, MC) to make it easier to recognize comparisons.
  1. Click Compare in the bottom right of the pop-up box.

The analytics page then turns into a visualization of the comparison of issuing bank countries and payment methods.


After you choose to compare payments performance, you can drill further into the data. You can either add filters to the data, or click into any comparison group (e.g. Approval rate (count)).

Once you select a comparison group, like Approval rate (count), the trend graph shows the comparison group parameters. Performance cards populate below the graph, just like they do on analytics pages.

You can click on any performance card to view data and create pivot tables to further compare payments performance.

TipTo return to the main comparison dashboard, click the gray boxed arrow button in the top right corner of the trend graph.

If you want to return to your compared data, you can save a payments report and access it from the Reports section of Pazien whenever you log in.

At Pazien, we believe in complete payments data transparency. Giving you the full picture allows you to slice your data to truly understand where you’re doing well, and where you could improve performance. When you can quickly compare payments performance across multiple pivots, like payment methods, providers, countries, MIDs, and more, you can gain the knowledge you need to impact change within your organization.

If you have other ideas on how Pazien can help you improve your business, let us know by reaching out to

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