All your payments data in one place

Pazien is the first payments analytics platform that automatically gathers your processor, gateway and order management data and breaks the numbers down for you.
No Excel spreadsheets. No IT effort.


“I have had the opportunity to utilize Pazien for 2 different companies. It’s a reliable, user-friendly and cost effective solution for getting timely data at your fingertips.”

-Cyndi Hoddinott, Director of Global Payments

“Pazien made an incredibly manual process automatic, saving me over 95% of time in monthly reconciliation.”

– Courtney Macaruso, Senior Accountant

“Having a tool like Pazien that can constantly adapt and change without having to throw resources at it is invaluable. Something that once took 9 months to build, now takes no time or work at all.”

-Brian Kehn, Director of Payments

Optimize your auth rates

Stay on top of your authorization rates by receiving alerts when performance drops below your preset key performance indicators (KPIs) or when Pazien determines something looks off. Pazien shows the points at which retries authorize or fall off so you can design your optimal retry plan. 

Understand the impact of chargebacks

Identify MIDs, banks, business units or trends that are driving your chargebacks up so you can quickly take a different course of action. Pazien pinpoints areas for improvement so you can follow the entire chargeback lifecycle and fine tune your representment logic.

Compare and track fee details

Understand where you’re paying fees by viewing breakouts by provider, assessment and interchange. Pazien lets you easily compare the performance of your providers to see if you’re overpaying or getting a good return on your investment.

Reconcile payments effortlessly

Simplify reconciliation by uploading your own order data to Pazien, where transactions are automatically matched against your provider reports. Pazien tells you where things don’t match up, there are missing transactions, and when funds are transferred over multiple days, giving you a one stop source for your reconciliation needs.



Pazien makes a direct
connection into your providers
with secure credentials.


Automatic aggregation of your
data happens with no IT effort
from you.


Data is normalized and broken
down into visual, actionable
analytics that work for you.

Global transaction aggregation

Pazien gathers transaction details from global processors and gateways, supports
more than 160 currencies and pulls together data on over 60 different payment methods.


Pazien has got you covered. Spend less time crunching numbers and more time
optimizing payment operations by getting a free 14-day trial of Pazien today.